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Svenska Cimac-föreningen (abbr. name Sv.Cimac)

Sv.Cimac is a national - independent and non-commercial - association of member Companies and contact persons, employed in the industrial sector of manufacturing or development of engines, components or systems or services for internal combustion engines, components, or services serving machineries onboard marine vessels or ships or for stationary power-generation onshore. Sv.Cimac has existed over 50 years.

Sv.Cimac is a National Member Association (NMA) in the International CIMAC Organisation.

The purpose of the association is to facilitate a network for technical exchanges of information for the Companies through the contact persons. Seminars are arranged, and these can be located to one of the member Companies or to one of the Universities in which research work is being carried out on internal combustion engines.

Sv.Cimac welcomes new member applications.